From father to daughter and “You just don’t wanna know” video

You just don’t wanna know. It be like that sometimes. This song is my pops fav song. He is on youtube all the time now replaying this one over and over again. He just discovered it a few months ago.
People wonder why me and pops are so close. Let me just give you a run through. There was a time that me and pops fell out. Completely out for about a year. I was hurt and disappointed about life in general. Pop was going through what he was going through with my mom and us becoming distant because of it. It was a truly, truly trying time post death of my brother. My body was tired, spirit very badly battered, stretched past its elasticity. My pop kept telling me although we didn’t talk much or even see each other much, “Chris…Don’t let your situations determine your Christianity.” Even though we were not getting along at the time it stuck with me. At the time, I felt unbalanced, unhealthy and lost from the SOURCE.

I watched pop time after time reading the word, studying and believing all that he reads, studies, teaches and attempts to walk. I’m not saying he is a perfect man, I’m just saying it does something for me as his (grown) child, to see what Christianity looks like to a man..What God being alive in your spirit through turbulent times looks like to a person time after time, season after season. Never seeing the person get disenfranchised with believing that God is still God through the storm, before the storm as well as after the storms of life. This brings tears to my eyes as I think about the many times I was angry with Man because he became silent, not realizing the silence was him praying for me, for us, praying through the pain. I am a blessed young lady. I know what love is because Love comes from God and when you are hooked up to God who is the source of Love, then I think that’s when you can exude the true reality of Love for self and others. Now Imma wipe my eyes as I think some more about my gratefulness. Although it didn’t work between my mom and pops, she still picked a good father.
Let the church say Amen…


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