Mommy’s here

My mother is here visiting until next Friday! I have a chest started hurting before she got here. I still don’t know why it hurt the way it did like that..I’m still contemplating if I should go to the hospital. I woke up to wash dishes because I failed to do so the night before. I woke up extra early, washing dishes and tidying up before work. I knew she would be here before I got off from work..I reach slightly over to my right to put a dish in the sink and BAM! I had this stabbing pain in my right breast, so bad I had to clutch my breast like WOAH! I am no stranger to anxiety, but it’s been a long long long time since I have had a full attack, say back in college (Memphis). Only thing about this pain was that it didn’t  radiate to my back or my stomach, nor did it make me sweat bullets. It just stayed on my right side and was very uncomfortable. I proceeded to continue with the dishes, wipe down my bathroom, start to put up clothes and quit, take a shower and get ready slowly for work. I was about 30 mins late getting to where I was going yesterday morning because of the pain and me contemplating a visit to the ER and a call to my boss. Then I thought, dog, I just had a physical with blood work and a EKG that all came out normal. Is it my ticker? If it were my ticker why have I not had the radiating pain? sweats? shortness of breath? Anyway, I have not felt sick, I feel fine outside of the slight dull ache now, but I have been taking pain relievers. Could be anxiety and it could be my ticker. I think I am going tomorrow though, at least to know if I’m ok before work on Monday. 

So took mommy to the place where I just put in an application to reside. I am thinking I may need to stay put until after election day which is November 6th. The last day to do an address change is October the 16th I think and you know there is some hanky panky or some bafoolery going on with people and being disqualified from voting. I don’t want anybody saying that I am disqualified due to my address changing, so to prevent any unnecessary I think I’ll hold off until after election day. Pictures are coming soon of today’s journey!

Happy Reading! I totally adore YOU…True Storaayy!

It’s so Cool2bChrisP!


3 thoughts on “Mommy’s here

  1. Take care of yourself. I always Google my problems and then go to the hospital, but please dont take my word for it. Where is LeVar Burton?

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