And on top of the chest pains..



What an interesting 3 days, first the chest pains on Friday, which I had planned to go see a doc tomorrow about or was it today? Grace be to God I haven’t had any pains today. I went to church, me and mama went to eat afterwards..I say, hmm since I’m in the city, let me stop and get an oil change…I don’t normally go to Valvoline bc I had a bad experience when I had my Honda at a Valvoline in Memphis..but hey, I’m in VA, this valvoline shouldn’t be a big deal. I got an oil Change, my air filter changed, replaced my gasket…..drove off the property and was like..hmm? Lady bug is shaking kinda bad while idled. What tha what?! I went back, they looked and checked, drove off, it was still shaking..the last time I drove off the property, lady bug was shaking, puttering so bad, that she cut owf! I cranked her back up, she turned back owf. There was no moving my ladybug out of this driveway. Mama called AAA. I called daddy (I didn’t know what else to do). Daddy called valvoline. Valvoline came out to me, looked around and was still drawing a blank. I didn’t blow up on this guy, but I did let him know every ounce of money that I maybe charged will be sent to Valvoline. Believe that. When I came to yall, against my better judgement, I had a working vehicle. When I left yalls establishment, I had a non working vehicle! Now yall are deaf, dumb, and blind acting.  What I wanted to ask was..Are you even ASE certified to work on cars or shade trees?? So got my ladybug towed to a local shop that was still open on this great Sunday evening, bc my firestone was at capacity and couldn’t get me in until tomorrow morning. 😦 the shop got me driving, but it still doesnt feel like my ladybug. I just made it home.. I’m hot as fire, but I gotta keep myself calm bc I still don’t know why my chest was hurting on Friday. Maybe there’s enough time in the day tomorrow to get everybodys needs met. Lord’s willing. Did I mention that my mama is here? Ha! Great timing huh?? Get outta here! This is when a single girl truly misses her daddy!!! Not going to tell you the conversations I had w my mama while waiting on the tow man. But thank God she is here and has AAA 🙂 I’m out. Had a thought to throw a temper tantrum, gather all of my stuff, and hit the road back to the 615 and not for a visit neither!!! *sigh*


2 thoughts on “And on top of the chest pains..

  1. Thankfully your mom was there to keep you calm. Make sure you get your monies from Valvoline. This happened to me at Walmart Back in the day I got my oil changed in my Pontiac 6000 and the folk didnt do something correctly. I left walmart and a message popped up and read no oil. But I kept driving, LOL! I thought the car was just old. Errbody is not capable of changing oil. Keep us posted as ladybug and ladybug’s mommy gets well from this terrible experience.

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