Get back with you

Contrary to the past three days events, I am going to share with you the sermon for today. It was great and right on time. You best believe my mom reminded me of the sermon as I was dealing with ladybug today. I had to ask her, I am taking the message into account. But does that mean I can’t get pissed off about things? Emm. I don’t remember much of the conversation after that or I maybe blocking it out right now. 

The members at church made me feel really good because they were very warm today. I was invited to their ladies day on this Saturday, which I will be attending (if the Lord says the same). And they were very sweet to my mother as they were with my pops. But the word, that word. When I get my true thoughts together I will share with you and maybe you can get some inspiration from the word I received today. 🙂


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