And the continuation of ladybugs illness


And this morning we were off on a tow truck again. Ladybug wasn’t moving. She just puttered and shook 😦 The tow man wanted to try his hand at her but quickly gave up. He smelled really good by the way…Emmm. umm, so anyway, he towed me to the local Nissan dealer. I paid him, which Valvoline will be paying me back for and here we are at a Nissan’s “Mecca”. And guess what? I declare things happen to me just to test my patience and jolly disposition. The nissan guy was very sweet. He popped the hood, I asked all types of questions. And 5-10 minutes later he was done. What was the culprit that had Lady bugs coughing, slow to run, cutting off? Dirt. And a bug. When Valvoline changed my filter, bc they are ill equipped to handle much after an oil change, windshield wipers and their fluids..they left dirt on my sensors and a bug causing it to misfire. The Nissan man showed me the sensor on the inside of the hose, cleaned it, put it back and he was done. I did take the opportunity to replace my windshield wipers. Nissan didn’t charge me for cleaning my sensor and the price on the wipers weren’t that bad. I got a few questions answered about the brackets under my driver’s seat, when’s it time for a tune up, but I forgot to ask about my stereo system. So anyway, that’s after my phone charges I’m heading to the doc. Happy Reading!! I totally adore you and the tow truck men!! Although It’s been interesting these past few months, It’s still Cool2bChrisP!


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