While I’m sitting here.

Umm…so this week has been one. I actually feel a lump in my “thoat” thinking about the events in the past 7 days. I told my boss all the happenings. He said, ahh man I think my bad luck may have rubbed off on you. If I believed in bad luck I would shun him, but I don’t believe in it. I do believe I’m a warrior in these ultimate challenges though. My emotions want to take over these challenges by throwing a hissy fit, temper tantrum, take a 6 hour drive home to my pops kinda fit. Right now I’m waiting on AAA to help me put air in my tire. My new back tire is flat to the ground. I have no idea how it happened, where it happened and when people ask me that question I feel like I want to snap! My nose is sweating.


My service engine light has been coming on since I took lady bug to Nissan on Monday.. after the fiasco with Valvoline. I had a run in with my schools principal on Tuesday. She is not my boss but wants to be very badly. Her demands have gotten petty and so I’m letting my actual boss handle it. And that’s all I have to say publically about that.

The verdict is,  I’m rolling with a spare til Monday. My tire is shredded in the back. The firestones in the area do not have my tire in stock. Good news. The tire was under a road hazard warrenty. It is completely ruined. I thought I had a slow leak and could get to Firestone before doing any damage, but I was wrong. *sigh* and woosahs.org! Thank you mama for getting AAA for me and thank you Man for the tires. Thank you God for my parents, and living to tell the stories. I can’t promise I won’t cry sometime soon, or indulge in an adult beverage, or something good and fattening. Imma try to refrain. Tomorrow I plan on going to church for a ladies day. I’m excited and pray for rejuvenation and restoration in this petty storm! Have you had days, weeks, months where stuff just piles up? Ha! I sympathize with you!!! Happy Reading regardless of it all. I adore you, my parents and God! True Storaay!!
It’s Cool2bChris P!


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