Teach people how to treat you.

Here’s just a simple line for you all to understand. Especially us women. Let us start teaching people how to treat us by presenting ourselves in a manner that if you had a mirror in front of you, you would not be embarrassed with your own actions. In the world where ratchetness is popular, from the Housewives, to the Ex’s wives, mistresses, soaps, and everything..the art of conservative has been lost. The art of patience has been lost. I do suffer a little from ratchetness, but not because I think it’s the thing to do. I am working on it. The older I get the shorter my fuse gets, I will admit that. I think because I have been through a lot and used to take everything laying down. It’s good to be heard, but there are classy ways to handle most things. Just something that was on my mind. Good night! *What is that crawling on my tv??*


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