Canton Spirituals-I made it. (This song always makes me cry) My story below

I fell in love with this song some years ago. I usually don’t like artists talking in their songs, but the lyrics are profound and pull at my heart strings. The older I get the more I feel my spirit attaching to the Mighty power of My God. “Through dangers seen and unseen” For those of you who don’t know. In August 2009, I had a terrible first on call weekend with my new job. One of my kids took a bunch of pills, then paged me on my pager to tell me what he had done. I got him the help that he needed, but all weekend I had to follow up with the family to make sure he was ok. He survived. I went to work the next day like a normal person, but was so tired emotionally over it. Later on that day while on my way back to work to complete some paperwork. I had my first accident on the interstate, rammed in the back of a lady. I tore up my truck in the front, did a little damage to the lady ahead of me and she tapped a guy in front of her. I got my truck back a couple of weeks later…In Feb 2010, not quite six months from that accident, I had another one. This one was worse than the first. I was hit while on my way to my kid’s house right beside a school. The car hit me on my passenger side of my truck. I remember thinking, Oh my God, I am being hit. My truck slid to the side and next thing I know, I felt the pressure of the truck shifting off its tires, flipping to its side and then upside down. My thoughts during the time were two different thoughts. One thought was my reaction to everything. My thought was.. She hit me, she hit me..then all of the sudden my thought was, OMG I’m flipping over, I’m flipping over! The noise of metal and glass, the pressure of a weighted object flipping over was unbelievable. But while I was having an internal freak out. I kept hearing something in a calm voice saying,”Keep your hands on the wheel, keep your hands on the wheel, you are flipping over. Don’t move. Don’t move.” I obeyed by gripping onto the wheel until the motion of the flipping forced my gripped fists off. When my truck finally landed on its roof, I was hanging in my seatbelt literally. My seat was above me, I was no longer sitting in it. My steering wheel was behind me and so was my my left foot and leg which was rested on my dash board. I had to reach back to get loose from my seatbelt and that’s when I saw blood dripping and all my stuff everywhere. My glasses were somewhere, I couldn’t see and I was scared. I had no idea where the blood was coming from. I couldn’t feel any pain which freaked me out as well. A group of people saw everything, a lady opened my passengers door and tried to pull me out. I had to tell her to let me climb out because there was glass everywhere. I got out, somebody helped me sit on the stoop in front of a house. This man held my neck and rubbed my back. I couldn’t tell you what any of those ppl looked like. All I know was that they were black. All I could see was my truck laid out in the middle of the road, with its tires facing the sky, glass littering the pavement. Somebody found my work bag and my glasses. A lady handed me her cordless home phone to call someone, but all I did was stare at the phone because at the moment I could not remember how to use it. I left out of that accident with some scratches on my hand, a small scratch on my face and no broken bones. My God was there, giving me instructions on what to do. I was told not to move, so I didn’t. My angels helped me and they  pulled out what I needed from my truck. *sigh* My Lord.The next day and the remaining two months later I was a mess, sore neck, sore back, depression, anxiety. I still have some PTSD. But….”I made it, yes I made it…” Did I mention I was working 60 hour weeks during that time as well? My parents were in an ugly divorce and I was trying to complete my Master’s Degree all at the same time. But…”Lord I made it…Lord Jesus”

And this is one of the reasons why It’s Cool2bChrisP. In spite of life’s journey, life’s trials, He still has protected me through it all. Some people don’t believe, but if I was an unbeliever before this accident,  I was a true believer after. *screams*


2 thoughts on “Canton Spirituals-I made it. (This song always makes me cry) My story below

  1. Christal dont make me shout around this desk at work! God is so good. I had no idea all this had happened and I am so glad to hear that you are/were ok. In spite of it all, I still thank him! Thank you Jesus. I have been crying for 3 days. Crying as I decide to leave this job and pursue another. Crying because I dont want to make a mistake. Crying because its so hard to just let go and let God, but I believe in him and I know he will work it out. I cry on my way to work, leaving work, and in a job interview! Yep, in a job interview. AHH! I cant stop crying. This life we live. It is so full of adventures. But I still gotta say Thank You! And you are COOL Chris P. God Bless You!

    1. Thanks so much for your response. It is our fear of failure that keeps us from leaving a dead end job. Weigh the pros and cons, walk confidently, pray and even run on. 🙂 In spite of it all! Lol and this too shall pass. Amen and Amen again.

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