Saturday duties..

I went to sleep yesterday close to 7..PM. I got home, ate, talked to ma and after a conversation with her. I fell asleep. Around 7:30 I got cold. i got up, secured the house, which my back door was unlocked the whole time. I locked my truck doors, changed clothes, took my contacts out and went to bed. I woke up around two hours later to have a less than 15 min conversation with Man. I tried to snap out of the case of the sleepies, but I couldn’t. I really don’t remember the details of that conversation at all. I fell back to sleep. I woke up around 4 ish, got up and almost walked into my bedroom door. I do remember that lol. I came back shortly to my warm bed and fell back to sleep but was aware, I don’t have long to be up. I set my alarm clock for 8:30 am so I could fix breakfast and head to Firestone this morning. I started tossing and turning around 7 and checked to make sure I didn’t sleep through my alarm. Then when I heard my alarm go off at 8:30, this girl had to nerve to hit snooze for another 20 mins. My duties today was to get my alignment, rotation and balance. Then to check on my engine light. The engine light keeps coming on since I had my sensor cleaned off. It’s hard to get things done in a timely fashion when you work Monday-Friday. Nissan doesn’t work on the weekends. Firestone does. I got my engine checked this morning by them, but they couldn’t find anything. About $75 for a peace of mind huh? I will be sending all of the bills to Valvoline this week. But less than 20 miles later, the engine light came back on. I’ll have to either leave work early sometime next week or go in late in order for Nissan to take a look at it. Nissan also don’t take appointments after 4pm. Not sure if it’s like that everywhere, but it is here.

My Saturday duties also include packing. I was able to get some boxes from the janitor at my school, but I needed some more. So today I was able to ask around to some stores. I hit the box jackpot at Dollar Tree. They told me to go in the back of the store and get how many boxes I needed. I went back there and it was like box heaven. *ahhhhhh* Yesssahhh! Boxes everywhere! Nice, strong, big, small and clean! hehehe. When my ma was here, she started packing in my back room and my living room. I don’t have as much to pack outside of furniture and clothing. I just have to get my dishes. I would like to start now because I know how overwhelmed I can get if I wait til the last minute. When’s my move out date?? My 30 days is up on election day. November the 6th. Of course he tried to have me out by the end of the month because I complain so much (he didn’t say that, but I gathered that is his reasoning. On top of being pissed about me looking at other properties.)  By the way, I have not received a counter response since I sent him that email last Saturday, but I did have a pest control notice on my door. Apparently they sprayed sometime earlier this week…I think these ants are “Bebe” ants. They don’t die, they just multiply because they are still on my counters, sink and stove. Not my worry after the 6th no mo.

So those are my saturday duties. I can’t wait to get the move over with and be settled. Pray for me and keep reading about where I’m going soon. Happy Reading. I totally adore you…and these nice free boxes. TRUE STORY!

My landlord might not agree, but It’s Cool2bChrisP!


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