As promised.. “Don’t Let them Pull you out of the water”…

A sermon I heard from my new minister (I haven’t placed my membership yet, but I say he’s my new minister bc he is 🙂 ) So my new minister preached a sermon called, ” Don’t let them pull you out of the water”. His synopsis came from Florence Chadwick. swim story. And for those of you who have never heard of Florence Chadwick, she was the first woman to swim the English Channel both ways. On July 4th 1952 she was on route to break another swim record from the Catalina island to the shore of the mainland of California which was about 23 miles long. She swam for 15 hours through cold waters and along side her were boats that fended off sharks and ensured her safety. On one of the boats was her mother. After swimming 15 hours, a dense fog came on top of the water. The fog was so thick that she couldn’t even see the boats that were right beside her. As she attempted to swim to the shore line she grew physically and mentally exhausted. So she begged to be taken out of the water, even though her mother assured her she did not have long to the shore. She begged and was pulled out of the water. It wasn’t until she was pulled out of the water and was in the boat, when she was able to see that she only had about a half a mile left to the shoreline.

When she was interviewed, her words were, “All I could see was the fog..I think, If I would have seen the shore, I would have made it.”

If I could have just seen the shore…So she attempted the swim again 2 months later. And again the fog came around the same spot in her swim. The fog was very thick right at the top of the water, just like before. She could not see the boats next to her just like the first time. But this time she kept swimming, and made great timing as she swam faster than the last attempt. Then she made it to the shoreline. This time around, she pictured the shoreline in her mind as she swam through the fog and it kept her from growing weary in the fog, the chilly water, through the fatigue.

The lesson was this. “Don’t give up when you’re fed up, Don’t give up when you’re beaten up, Don’t give up when you mess up.” When the “fog” of life’s journey makes you blinded to the goal. The most challenging part is the half way part. The point where the newness has worn off, you start to question yourself, things are not so peachy, start to grow weary. Most give up at that part because they cannot PICTURE the end because of the fog. “Don’t let them pull you out of the water.” Don’t grow weary in well doing. My minister gave several examples about Elijah during the drought which was a desperate situation. 2 Corinthians about the examples of people of God being beaten up. “Count it all Joy”

I think about me during this transition time from Nashville to this small town. I have questioned myself, but the desire for VA came many moons before I actually moved. In the year 2001 to be exact. Then I think of other things in my life, situations that appeared hopeless. Yes there are some things that need to be let go from life, but those things that you know in your heart is right to do and you just give up? emm. I hope this lesson affects somebody reading either in thought or deed. It did for me. God gave me the confidence to stand, the tears to cry, the faith that shakes at times, the prayers to say and my Jesus to lean on. “Don’t Let them pull you out of the water.”

Happy Reading…I totally adore you and my new church home! True Story.

Having great lessons like this one, makes it Cool2bChrisP!


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