8 months..

Since the end of August til yesterday it has been a rough one for me. Ugh, this week I was sick to my stomach and I really think the chest pain I had is related. I think I gots the heartburn. So again I will go out and get myself checked before I do damage. The stress has calmed down. I have the bestest boss ever. The principal at the school talked real funky to me that week after I had all them car probs, but then she turned around and told me I am doing a great job! I was so hot that the inside of me felt like hot coal. I felt like my mother’s short fuse (that has been showing up in my life lately) was going to come up and out of my throat and cause my body to launch itself across that conference room table and pull out all of her hair. But rather than allowing the heated beast to take over my jolly disposition, I decided to let my boss handled it. I appreciate him as others in the past have just let my A__ hang. Never listened and never defended when necessary..So that’s all I gotta say about that.

I have been away from home for 8 months on the 25th and my,my it has been a noteworthy 8 months indeed.  In these 8 months, I have successfully navigated all of this town, the town I work in and the whole valley. Not really hard to learn the streets here. I have seen a bag of bones on the side of a dead end street. I do mean a bag of bones. I was on my way to a home visit about a month after I started my new job. I turned down a dead end street as I was turning around I saw a trash bag with a skeleton hanging out of it. I never found out if it was human or animal, but I called into the Sheriff’s office. I saw ribs, a spine, pelvis and the fixings..I never saw anything on the news about it being human or nothing, so maybe it was a deer or big dog bones.

My very first home visit consisted of me thinking I was going to be hung from a tree or burned alive. As I walked up to this man’s house who knew I was coming, he stared at me… Mind you, I am in the country with hills, mountains, and valley’s and the percentage of black people is 0.8…I went inside his house and began to sweat as I saw a display of a confederate flag and a flag made into a pillow. As I was sweating and my insides started to melt in fear, I was cussing and praying to myself and apparently he saw my facial expressions..because he stared at me and in a slow voice says…Ma’am you can have a seat if you want. I’m not racist I just really like the flag. *WHEWWWWWEEEE* I ended up being a real nice home visit. LOL, but I thought that was the end.

I successfully hiked up a mountain 1, 2, 3 times..we’ll I guess you could count the first time as a success, because I got through it. It was also another incident where I thought I was going to die. And I truly mean that. I had never hiked before in my life. I told my boss I was going hiking and he informed me about there being two sides to hike, an easy side and a not as easy side. I assumed the people I was hiking with understood me being a big girl and a virgin hiker! But as soon as I put my foot on a rock to walk up these rock steps, I cussed and prayed again as I knew I was in for it. My hands swelled up, my heart felt like I was going to choke on it and I thought at 29 I was going to die while climbing a mountain. My imagination went onto what my tombstone would look like..I know, I’m dramatic. But after the first time it wasn’t as bad. I just knew not to try to go with people who weigh 0 pounds with long legs or attempt to keep up with other people’s pace. So on the #3 time I was able to take my pops, which was a good experience..an experience we never had when I was growing up.

Stay tuned as I sum up the dates I’ve had in these 8 months..ahaha a joke. To be continued!


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