8 months part II

The dates. ha! I have actually stopped going on dates for a while. I have a lot going on personally. I’m at the point where I don’t even care about anybody else (guy related) right now, but myself. Sounds bad doesn’t it? But I found out, worrying about other people caused me to feel a little empty bc I wasn’t giving the same attention to myself. WOMEN I guess this is our habit and I’m sure you can relate. The need to nurture people all of the time when all  of our ducks aren’t even in a row nor have they been nurtured by the other party..but for some reason I’ll quickly volunteer to nurture somebody else’s ducks while my look PO’. Where does that come from?

My first couple of months here I had already been on four dates. One with a food addict who has a severe case of diabetes. He knew he had a problem and after one date to the movies and dinner I knew he had a problem too. He was good people, really was, but it was so uncomfortable to watch him eat. OMG, I’m sitting here as a big girl like wow dude you just put away more food than I have ever seen! We fell off after that first date. Then there was a fellow who was ideal on paper he was. LOL, good job, nice education, works for the state, one test away from being an attorney..but this fellow messed up a few weeks later when he sent me an email of a conversation between he and another female about his Sexual fetishes. *blank stare* I was like umm….I don’t think you meant to send me this. For such an intimately detailed emailed he surely wasn’t as embarrassed as I thought he should be. I would have been so apologetic and shamed…which lead me to believe it wasn’t an accident, but he ensured it was. So after that, I put him in the friend category. Then it got even more weird as he wondered why I have not responded to him in THAT way….I think he can understand this when I say. CASE CLOSED. NEXT..

Then there was the guy from Turkey who was here teaching at VT. hahahahaha…hahahahahahaha. We got lost in translation and he came on too strong. Was probably working toward that green card. ahahahaha. Then the silent guy from New Jersey who had his tongue stolen by cats because all he did was smile, giggle, and agree as I talked the whole time. One meet up and it was done. The bubble eyed guy who is so sweet, but so old and has that bubble on his eye that I just can’t get passed. He still contacts me and I do talk to him, but he already knows there is no chance. I don’t think with the way my stomach has been acting lately, that I could handle the sunlight shining through that eye right now or ever again. Sorry. Then another one who he and I have become pen pals through text messages and it’s not like he lives far from me. I lost hope over that one as you can only do so much when you are involved in a text message romance. Text message romance, is perfect for someone who is not really interested, but is really keeping you in your spot, which is in their back pocket. They can decide to stop texting you because they CAN (no attachment what so ever) and just leave you high and dry..then try to dip back in whenever they feel like. Almost like a turtle. Here today and back in tomorrow. Hahaha. I did accept that for a minute.

And to top all of this off and the reason why I’m truly stopping for a while is the meeting at the street festival with a registered sex offender. I’m over it for right now. I could change my mind tomorrow..i doubt it. Only way I would is if somebody stepped up to the challenge and was consistent…which that is a doubt again…so yep for a while.

Truthfully this is the most I have ever dated in my whole life and I’m already exhausted mentally and emotionally. Lord help! Stay tuned for Part III of somethings I miss about home and what I have enjoyed about being in VA. 🙂 Transitions can be hard, challenging, lonely and fun at the same time.


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