How did you know Him for yourself? 21 years ago today

Several months ago I asked a question on facebook and only got one response. I asked how, for those who are Christians and Believe that He rose and is still did you know it for yourself? It has been very hard sometimes to believe that there is even a God. When my brother passed, my faith was so strong, but when the process of grief began to drag on throughout my family and throughout my life my faith shook indeed. The feeling of loneliness of being an only child made me angry, made me feel forgotten about..Just a personal example. But even after a death one has deal with the fact that you have to keep living. The world keeps turning even when you just want it to stop. Give me some time God before I have to go to school and deal with the world, give me a minute before I have to deal with people because I don’t want to. One goes on and goes through many turbulent times even after. So How in the world did I know God truly exists for myself? I was baptized 21 years ago on today. I was 9 years old, so young, so innocent, but I remember that day as though it was yesterday. I remember the calm voice in my thoughts that said go ahead and give your life. Go. I obeyed. Many Many times I thought, was it real? I was so young to be making such a huge decision. But I cannot discount the voice that told me to go. I had never discussed it before with my family and never even thought about it before that Sunday morning. That same voice came to me during my accident in Feb 2010 when it said, don’t move. don’t move. keep your hands on the wheel. The instructions given to me in that calm voice probably saved me from having further injuries from my truck flipping over. This is one of the many examples that assist me through the trying times to believe that God exist. Outside of the sunday school lessons, outside of my praying daddy, outside of the gospel music. *disclaimer* I’m not perfect by any means, got a lot to work on in fact. My mouth is quite bittersweet sometimes, but this is my account. What is yours? Have you had those moments? Can you reflect back? If not, maybe time to open up your heart. Happy Reading! I totally adore you…and my sentimental Sundays! True Story.

Sentimental and soul searching Sunday’s make it Cool2bChrisP! 🙂


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