Just kidding.

Umm..in my normal fashion I got the dates mixed up. Soooo Mike Epps is tonight as in Friday the 26th not Saturday the 26th. So we are not going. I told my date that and we decided it was a no go. He had something to do annnddd I was in no mood to head up to the city after work. So Sorry Epps, ya shoulda had your show on a Saturday dude! Anyway so instead of the entertainment it’s off to lunch and a movie tomorrow w my date. Pray for him..he has no idea muahahaha! It’s not like I plan on giving him a hard time, but I really do plan on giving him a hard time. Bc he’s a fast talkin man and I just need to break it down a little..hehehe I’m not mean at all. Just this time I want to do things differently. “Teach people how to treat you.” If it’s too much, ehh *shoulder shrug*. I wouldn’t waste my time if I didn’t think he wasn’t half decent. We’ll see the tune I’m singing after tomorrow. *Cheers to trying again* 

Happy Reading. Leave me some comments, replies or questions or I won’t ever post again!! hehe sike. 

It’s so Cool2bChrisP! 


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