Just kidding part 2 update

So i said I would elaborate. The guy I went out on a date with I had to school and I’m not sure, well I know it wasn’t appreciated…but this is my life. We differ so much in how we treat dating and how we got so deep in that conversation I don’t know. He is a nice guy and we met for Lunch. It was a quick date, maybe 2.5 hours. You know how when you are really enjoying somebody, time just seems to stop, but then you look and it’s like hours later? Welllll that didn’t happen. I had already told him before the date that my energy was low with BS so if whatever he had to say I would take at face value…with all of that stated to him he was still like, “I can’t wait to meet you”…

While on the date he was trying to be honest with me about his previous lovers..but umm..it was inappropriate for first date conversation. He went the long way around to tell me how he ended up being guarded. I mean details of females and his relationships with them. At one moment I got so tickled that I couldn’t gather and hold my laughter ,as he talked about an escapade with a crazy lady. He talked.. a lot. I told him about having my Master’s degree, but before I got it, I was working 60 hour weeks, then quit that job to work two part times to make ends meet , while doing a 15 hour a week internship…..I saw his eye brow raise up..Then he told me this story of buying some broad in his past a whole new wardrobe…

So like a good man, he paid for lunch. As he was about to pay, he pulled out this MONEY WAD!!!! When I saw him pull it out, I cut my eyes to something else so he wouldn’t have me staring..Who pulls out a money wad unless they had an agenda for pulling out the wad???! That’s when I thought..hmm. I think he thought that since he was pulling out a fat money WAD that it was going to change my mind about if my panties would drop(no panties dropping ever). Uhhh. No sir. So his tactic didn’t work and I have not heard from him since the date. As he talked about the other women I knew automatically that he was not ready for me and he was not in my future.

Another one bites the dust..but we date to find the right mate right? When you have other things on your mind outside of the issues that make you different you MAY miss a lot about a person. Like he told me, if he was in a room of 100 women, 99 of them  are sane and one is crazy..I would probably get that  crazy one. I cut my eyes at him and asked..hmm..and why is that? He said, I don’t know. I thought to myself, at what time, do you start to consider that I might need to re evaluate and do things differently to stop this pattern. I’m 30 years old and that’s my new mantra. I didn’t use to require the man to not cuss in front of me. Now, before I met this dude, I was like dude. Watch your language, I’m a lady. My daddy always told me that a good man would not use language in front of his lady. It’s disrespectful. Daddy is right. So I thought, hey dude, You’re 36 years old looking for the same type woman and when you get a different one you flatline totally. *get outta here*

So that was my date. Although it didn’t work out between me and this one. God it’s sooo Cool2bChrisP!

I got another blog entry coming up soon, stayed tuned. Happy Reading. I totally adore you and the idea of my panties not dropping LOL. TRUE STORY!


4 thoughts on “Just kidding part 2 update

  1. That was a good read. I was reading and sipping my coffee like I was reading the Sunday paper! LMBO! You go ChrisP. That Good Man that is looking for a good woman will find ChrisP. And 36, you looking for an older man?! Dont give up!

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