I forgot about 8 months part III

What I miss about home! I totally forgot to post this one. For my new readers, likers or followers, I am from the beautiful Music City, Nashville, TN. I was born and raised there. I left for five years to attend school in Memphis, graduated and returned home shortly after graduating.

#1 thing I miss about home: So just last Saturday as I was wasting my pretty on a nowhere date, everybody else at home was on their way to my home minister’s 50th anniversary celebration. I hate I missed it. If it weren’t for me holding on to funds and off days so that I can move in November, I would have been home last weekend. I heard it was phenomenal! I am so proud of my home church, which is the largest black Church of Christ in the country? I think that’s what the Tennesseean newspaper said. When I was a child, who would have thought? Back then we were this small-medium sized church with probably 200 members cramped up every Sunday in the sanctuary. When I think of my church I think start to feel warm and fuzzy. The memories of the people who are still there, who’ve passed on, or are in different cities like me or who have just moved on is something that holds dear to my heart. Sometimes I even miss the smell of my church. You don’t really miss somethings, until you don’t have them anymore. I do feel that a lot of ppl take the opportunity to attend my home church for granted. We have celebrated huge milestones like paying off our million dollar church before it was due, paying off the independent living facility and the assistant living facility long before interest rates could touch the bill. We did all of that through our giving, sacrifices every week or month or whenever we could. I put some work in after I graduated from undergrad by taking turns with other sisters in teaching the young girls class on Wednesday nights, then I had to put that down because I was asked to teach Sunday School for the 11th and 12th graders. I absolutely loved that age group yall! They were fun, as well as challenging. I remember that class being packed! Anywhere from 15-30 kids every sunday. I taught solo for a while, but then was honored to teach with my sister V. We were an awesome team!

#2 thing I miss about home: GO DOWN THE STREET! Everything or anything I really wanted to get at home was basically down the street. Or if not within a 10 min radius, I could get there within 25 minutes. 4 malls, 12 hospitals, 12 colleges and universities (I’m guesstimating here, could be more or less). A 24 hour Walgreens down the street. Those are the creature comforts that mean so much to me that I don’t have at this moment. After I move, I will be closer to a 24 hour Walgreens and some other stuff, but there is still like only 2 hospitals or something to where I’m moving, nearly not enough. The big question in the family is…WHERE DA VANDERBILT AT UP THERE? *ppsshh* this kid don’t know. If I need a Vanderbilt, yall just fly me by plane to get there okay? Don’t have me up here at no Carillion or Lewis Gale or 2 hours up the road at the University of Virginia med center. SEND MY BUTT HOME , somebody get Vandy on speed dial. For any out of towners to Nashville. Vandy, Centennial, St.Thomas and sometimes Baptist(where I was born) are the heavy hitting widely known hospitals located in downtown Nashville. They are all located within like 5 miles of each other seriously.

I miss the energy of going to a Titans home game on Sundays (even though they are losing). I miss the shopping opportunities. This part of the world does not have a Charming Charlies!! I need a Wing Stop in my life. Buffalo Wild Wings don’t cut it for me. I need a good fish SAMMISH from Bones! *sighs* I miss the energy of Downtown Nashville. The events, the urban feel and the single professionals!

#3 DIVERSITY!!!!! It is true, right now I am near VT and they might be diverse on campus, but there is not any type of diversity around here after the kids leave for the summer. I have met a Jamaican who went to school at Fisk, who is attending grad school here and her friends are from everywhere (beautiful friends), but No permanent egyptians, No Kurds, 4% black, all married people mainly, No Indians, I think I saw a couple of hispanics. AND DEFINITELY no Africans (from Africa). OH, wait there is one at the church I went to here. opps. This is one thing I took for granted at home. When I move it might change, but it will only change a little.

#4 and this is the TOPS! My people! It wasn’t nothing but to go down the street and chill out with my sister. Hang out with my mom, chill out with my daddy (aka Man). Family and Friends make the world go round. My neighbors at home are my heart and have been for many years. I miss my bed at Man’s house truly. I miss the feeling of just being in the house. I feel safe. I feel worry free. I feel secure. I feel loved when I am at home.

**What I don’t miss is the traffic every morning. It used to take me 45 mins to an hour to get 25 mins down the street. I don’t miss driving passed where I used to work and the bad memories I have of the place. I don’t miss the violence or the threat of violence. Yall Nashville has gotten down right ratchet this year, according to my readings and hearing the stories. What is UP!? Don’t turn a beautiful place into a death zone please. It’s too beautiful for that.

Although I miss my church family, we lack diversity at church, just like the church I attend up here lacks diversity. The church at home is predominantly black (which needs to change) and the church here is predominantly white (also needs to change). Churches are the most segregated time of the week and nobody seems to be worried about changing that. I am truly disgusted.

I enjoy the scenery here, the hospitality, the fresh air, my God given moments and the potential big things that I think is in the making here. I struggle with home sickness yes, but Imma be alright. Nashville Roots make it Cool2bChrisP. Happy Reading. I totally adore you. TRUE STORY!


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