Stick and stay story.

this will be abbreviated bc my thumb is aching a little today and it’s hard to type with my right hand.I’m at the laundry mat stealing wifi. I picked a bad time to turn off my cable and internet I’m thinking. Election is tomorrow, the new Real Housewives of ATL and Beverly Hills came on yesterday and tomorrow anndd I’m missing Tia and Tamera. I turned my cable off to prepare myself for this move. I can’t wait. I’m not excited about the commute to work, but I’m thrilled to not have to go to the laundry mat anymore..thrilled to finally feel settled and comfortable enough to pay rent on time. Umm..I have a lot to write, but I realize I’m not comfortable. Don’t really know where all these new sensations are coming from in my thumb. I’ll post later. Stick and stay please.


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