What’s happening?
Sooo.. I know I know. I’ve been delinquent in posting not on purpose though. First it was my thumb which is healing up but I still have a while to go before it feels normal again. Sometimes when I shower and get water on it, it feels like I’m getting water on an open wound and it burns a little. Ugh. Then my other reason is, I cut off my cable and Internet lol the same day I sliced my finger…10/31. I was preparing myself for my move and a Comcast bill was the last thing I wanted to be paying.. I’m glad I did cut it off. Between my pocket and my moms pocket we spent about $2000. This includes food, her flight, she bought me furniture. I paid a pro rate on rent, the movers, a deposit for electricity, a new tv, lamp, converter box..so before the move my credit cards were in the process of getting paid down. Haha I paid then added almost the same amount back to them so I’ve been busy, broke, without Internet but I’m happy.

I went back to my old apartment. I have been gone since 11/21. I noticed my ex landlord had stripped the carpet. I went inside it, I knew it would be unlocked. I walked through and thought..idk how I lived in this dump as long as I did?! My mom got sick sleeping in my back room before I moved out. She said her eyes were burning, nose was running, started coughing and felt like she couldn’t breathe. Uhhhh yeah. A toxic place to be. I almost felt like cussing remembering that……

So now I’m in a better apartment which has been good for me. I don’t have to worry with the laundry mat. I have a washer and dryer in my bathroom. I can breathe! I’m in my element seeing that there’s a lot of things convenient to me..what’s not convenient is my job right now. I drive 96.8 miles a day from home to work, work to home. I told my boss.. I can do this school year but next year, can I put the word out for a closer school?

To be continued…I have to go use it lol


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