Update part ii

I have not met any of my neighbors yet.

I’m actually thinking, well y’all know that already but I’m thinking of a side hustle after the holidays. I’m hoping as soon as I return from Nashville either I’m interviewing or starting a side job. My savings are depleted!! My credit cards emm. So I’m trying to get all things back in order. I’m glad to be near the city!! Yessaaahhh Glory! It’s like new life! I was down in the hole (the valley) for so long. Anyway I’m enjoying the fact that I can do laundry bucket nekkkkiiddd! That’s butt naked for those of you who may have needed the translation. It’s an awesome feeling to not have to fool with quarters. I’m sure my elec bill will show the energy use but I’ll take it. My back appreciates it too.

The drive to work is not as bad as one thought. It takes me 5-10 additional mins than when I lived in the hole. I had to deal with stop lights galore and low speed limits..as well as never knowing when I’d get stuck going down the mountain behind someone who had nowhere to go and crawled. My truck on the other hand has been drunk off the gas station. I’ve been going every four days. And it won’t be long, saaayyy next week when I’ll hit 100k miles on the odometer. Ha! I’ve had my truck almost 3 years. I’ve put 60k almost on it. Hmm. I’ll take it to be comfortable. Anyway I’m about to eat. Happy Reading. I truly adore you..true Story!
This move breathes life in ya girl, making it Cool2bChrisP! 😉


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