Chilled water in a glass..


So I just went by the old country store here in town. I picked up some oranges and this honey bc I ran out of honey a couple weeks ago. The lady working there asked. Are you getting the honey for your allergies. I thought huh. Well maybe this ain’t a cold, maybe it’s allergies. So I said yes. When I got home I googled benefits from honey. My ma has told me to replace sugar for honey for health benefits. Well I came across a site that put apple cider vinegar and a honey concoction together. It read taken twice a day mixed in a glass of water can assist in with anti aging, lowering high bp, high cholesterol, obesity, food poisoning, arthritis, etc. it read that honey is an alkaline in the body which helps it fight bacteria, and infections.. an over production of acid. Too much acid in the body causes an array of problems from eczema, digestion prob, yeast infections and cancers. There’s honey and lemon concoctions on this site as well. I need to post the site. I’m sure you can google it too 😉


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