A moment..

As you all know by now. There was a tragedy that occurred in Conneticut on Friday. A young man killed 26 ppl and out of the 26, 20 of them were under the age of 7 years old. I have not turned on the news so my number maybe off. I refuse to look at the images and hear the stories. I heard enough on the radio on my way home Friday. I usually don’t get depressed and choked up over events like mass shootings. I do have a moment of prayer and solemness, but not a moment where all I want to do is go home, close and lock my doors and think. I do not have any children of my own, but I work in an elementary school. Truth is, when I heard , all I could imagine was all the little ones at my school. When I see them on Monday I will grab one and hug one or smile and pat them on the back. Their lives and innocence are so precious. I just know the ones taken from us on Friday have not one single worry. I imagine Them running and playing with God waiting unknowingly for their loved ones one day to appear there too.
My heart goes out to the parents and other survivors who’s lives have been forever changed. We shall never forget them. Never
Onto the changes..and excuse my language, but who in the hell do I have to stalk to make changes to protect our kids safety?? My school in the country of SWVA does not lock their doors! The other school I worked at last spring had all their doors wide open, propped open from the start of the day til the end of the day. They should know better. They are located a block from VTechs campus! Where I’m from the past 10 years we’ve locked all the doors to every school in metro Davidson county. If you want to get in, you’re buzzed in! Why is that? Bc Nashville is a major city with higher crime than say nut bush VA? Nut bush I bet has more rifles used for hunting than hometown does….does country life mean safer? Humph

Something has got to be down ASAP and believe you me, In the name of Jesus and the event in CT there will be some changes.

I’m out


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