Taking the blog to a…

I’m considering buying my blog spot so I can make it my own website..What do you think? Is it worth it? I have had this blog since June 2012. Right now I have about 1800 views since I began. I want to grow the blog, adding more pics, adding vibrant colors so I can attract more readers. But we shall see. I have big big plans for 2013. One plan that I hope doesn’t go down the stinker is to start classes in the Summer so I can begin my Licensure process. I tried last August and you can go back to August to read what happened. I also have dreams of becoming SW VA’s social butterfly. hehe SW VA lacks what I call a Professional Single’s scene. If they do have singles nights and things, it is not broadcasted on the radio..maybe it’s in the newspaper, but who reads the paper anymore?? It would be nice to have events broadcasted on the radio, on websites, in the social section of the paper as well. Those are my plans for the area and my educational plans. The other plans are between me and God right now. I will get back with you on them.

Thank you to my readers, followers and likers. Rebecca Hamilton thank you..My good friend in the M, Shantra thank you! Lesley Carter I appreciate you! My friends on facebook, thank you for following the link. I would ask you to follow me through your email so that when I post you will get an alert. Please and Thank you.

Happy Reading. I totally adore you. True Story! It’s Cool2bChrisP!


3 thoughts on “Taking the blog to a…

  1. Sounds good to me… I’ve been debating on that as well, web design is NOT my calling. I’ve thinking about having someone revamp my page once I purchase it.

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