Countdown to 2013!!

Who’s counting down?? Although I really feel like my new years occurs on my birthday and not on 1/1/2013. I have one more night after tonight at home. I am going to miss being home dearly because I do not have a dull moment. Between my church family, friends and parents there is not a dull moment. While I have been home I have gone on a date. LOL and had an unexpected person show up on my date. I’ve had some outings, good food, gained weight probably…I’ve refilled on my love cup with all of the hugs, kisses on the cheek, pats on the back, smiles and talks. I am a truly blessed lady. TRULY. Those are the things I miss when I am 410 miles away. I feel so warm and loved honey. mmmhmm. But unless I was getting paid major major duckies, I DO NOT WISH to work in Nashville ever again!!!!!! Working in the Metro Davidson area is for the birds! They don’t pay, they don’t appreciate. NOTHING.. the traffic ugghhh. I guess when you’re away you learn to appreciate your home state, but there are things that you are THANKFUL that you will not see again. That is working in the 615…

Thanks SW VA for helping me relax, no traffic, no B**** at work. There’s a separation between work and personal life. I can breathe. I can relish in knowing where I live is beautiful with its mountains and clean air..*breathe in and breath outttttt…* 

Happy Countdown to 2013!!!!!! 


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