This is it. In other countries where it’s 7 hours ahead, they are already getting geared up for the parties..or bed. I can’t do too much tonight because I have to get on the road tomorrow early. I would like to leave no later than 10 am. That would get me home around 4pm. I’m sure my truck that hit over 100,000 miles while on the way to Nashville appreciated the break while I was home. I haven’t driven that much. There was a few days where my truck sat in the garage loving it. 

What are your plans for NYE and NYD?? Is this the first year we are without Dick Clark or was that last year? I can’t remember, I’ll have to google it. 

My prayer for you and for us, is that we don’t ever see mass killings..schools, movies, hospitals, malls..Dear God that is my prayer. I pray that if you need help, you ask for it. IMMEDIATELY! There are people who are willing to help with whatever you need. If you need financial assistance, go get it! Take care of yourself and others. This is my prayer..leave ppl alone if they haven’t bothered you. Even if they have bothered you by taking your parking spot at Walmart. SWALLOW your pride and get another spot. No harm in walking, good for the body! This is my prayer. This has got to stop. Nobody is better than the other person. 

This is my last post I think for 2012. Happy Reading, I totally adore you..True Story!

2012 made it Cool2bChrisP! and Lord’s willing more blessings to come in 2013!


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