Today was a sick day for me. My throat was starting to hit yesterday while I was at work and then I was freezing in my office. With all of the rain and cold weather, it didn’t help my situation much. I drank my lemon juice, got my alka seltzer cold meds, and my honey. I thought I was just gonna get by with just the alka seltzer cold and go to sleep. BUT when I was about 2 hours into my good sleep, I kept swallowing and my throat kept getting worse. Like the pain kept getting deeper and deeper. So my inner voice told me..If you don’t get up, gargle some warm salt water and drink some hot honey lemon water!! YO TAIL will be in trouble! I don’t want to get sick. I get depressed when I am ill. Annddd I am too far away from my kinfolk to be down with an illness like the flu or strep. NOOOO! 

So today I was working from home to give myself time to recover and not spread anything. We had a half a day at school anyway today. You never know what’s gonna come up do you while you are out making plans to do everyday duties..do you?

I hear that this flu season is one to be reckoned with. Maybe because of the fluctuating temps. The other day it was 70 degrees and no I was not out in shorts and stuff. That stuff makes my sinus’ act up..I mean a flaring headache that you will not believe. So I stayed in and traveled only at night lol..except for Sunday morning. 

Keep yourself healthy out there! If you don’t believe in getting sick. Stock your fridge with lemons on top of lemons, honey and and a nasal wash kit. I’m telling you the stuff works! I don’t like going to the doc for antibiotics all of the time. The body grows immune to it. You can heal yourself sometimes. Do what I say! 🙂 Anyway Happy Reading, I totally adore you..True Story! Them lemons make it Cool2bChrisP!


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