Snow plows

Why am I just standing in awe at the snow plow truck? Well #1 reason is, I just saw him accidently dig up a sewer top with the plow he’s out of his truck jumping on top of it..#2 he is really speeding with that plow thing. #3 I’m wondering if this is one of the reasons why VA taxes are so high! At home there was no plow man out in apartment buildings removing snow for’s drive at your own risk back home!
The plow man just eliminated the chunks in the parking lot that in the morning would have been chunky hard ice, which is horrible to drive in. Thanks for all your hard work sirs of this great city! If I was still in the hole with my old landlord do ya think he’d think about us like that to help us up that driveway?? Nahhh ratchetness!


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