Mr. Jason



A few months ago on facebook I shared these pics with my friends. This is the front cover and back cover of the local newspaper called “The Roanoke Times”. I met Jason a couple of months after I moved to Virginia. He’s a nice guy in a terrible situation. That situation is that he is suffering from an illness that came on him suddenly. There have been times that he has been near death. You can read the article on the roanoke times website for more details. The truth is that it’s been almost a year since his first episode that landed him in a coma and he is still ill…we met shortly after his first episode but had no idea that he’d be sick this long. It’s been doc after doc, medication after the other, hospitals, bills, depression, seizures, memory loss and side effects. Last August I woke up one morning feeling helpless. Jason is a person that would never accept my help on anything, which is under cover good, but stressful on my end. And thinking back, I’m not sure how in the world I could help him either…So anyway, something drastic happened and he let me know what it was one night in the next morning I woke up and thought, GOD what can I do? There’s got to be something. This is going to eat at me if I don’t find a way to assist. I got on my handy dandy computer and googled the local paper. I searched through the writers for the paper and found a guy who I thought may be able to help Jason or hear Jason’s story.

I thought about what I would write and how I would do it. I wanted to do it in a fashion so that IF it came back to Jason, he would have no idea who wrote the email.
My heart about beat out of my chest the whole time I wrote. I thought, if Jason had the strength he will probably find me and kill me right where I stood, but it was a risk I had to take. Not knowing how it would affect him when I told this writer Jason’s ordeal.

I am from a big city and things like writing the paper and getting it published would be a thing for say, if I were some local celebrity or a regular columnist…but I’m not and I thought the chances this story being heard would be a shot in the dark. So I wrote and pressed send.

Less than an hour later I got a response from the writer asking me the name of the young man and his number. I provided the writer with the information and told him to keep everything anonymous…..

Weeks passed by and actually I had forgotten about the correspondence because again thinking it was a shot in the dark and by then Jason and I’s contact dwindled to once a month maybe…until The last weekend in October came. I had just returned home from a date and thought, Jason has not let me know how his procedure went about three weeks ago and I’m kinda perturbed about that. So I texted him in a perturbed text…Are you going to let me know how your procedure went or what?! He texted me about his procedure and that it seemed to not answer any of his questions..Then he texted it made the paper……I froze. I MEAN FROZE right where i sat. I thought, his procedure made the paper?? So he sent me the pictures above. He told me that the article came out about three days before and since then he has gotten several hundred emails, checks, gifts, etc. And he was going to be meeting his congressman that next week. I started sweating and sweating hard. So I asked him, just to make sure he didn’t know; how in the H did you make the paper??? He said, someone emailed a writer and he called me, but I cannot figure out who? Was it you? I told him I could not confirm or deny this information..I tried so hard not to tell him I did it, but in text form his asking became a “TELL ME!!” So I sang like a canary.

He texted it was the most read article in October and the feeling was “surreal”. He texted that when he first got the call about doing an article he thought against it, but thought if he could inform people about SSI claims then it would be worth it. So Jason made the story about diability claims not just about his misfortunes. He texted to me that the writer interviewed him for about 3 1/2 hours and the photographer stayed a couple of hours as well…
I emailed the writer a thank you. He told me his editors were fascinated or touched by his story hence the reason why he had the front page and back page..the writer also said he was unaware of The difficulty the one goes through in an attempt to collect SSI..

I don’t know the reason why I “met” Jason. It could be for that moment and that moment only. Only time will tell…but keep him in your prayers as he struggles with his health, the side effects, etc. Pray for the docs and nurses, lawyers that are over his case. Bless the hands, minds, lives and their skill for him to return back to being Mr. Jason. Ask you guys to pray for his mind, spirit, body.


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