So yesterday was one of those days that you think, maybe I am dreaming. This is just too good to be true! My dad came through the area with 9 of my church members from home on their way to Inauguration. I have been anticipating him coming up for the past week. I put my pictures up on the wall, made sure my carpet was nice and fluffy. Then the moment finally came. You see my dad has not seen my new place since I moved in two months ago. He has been in the city because I took him to the fair here last summer, but he had never seen my apartment building or the neighborhood. Pictures and descriptions don’t do the area well. So “Man” called me when he got off my exit so I could give him the directions and here they came. My pops along with 9 other people who I know and love drove up and They all came in. I got my love through hugs, kisses, smiles, pats on the back, voices, laughter, somebody who knows you can just say your name and it feels different than other people saying your name..and the stories were fabulous..Oh my God I am going to cry. I told them who in the WORLD would have THUNK IT?!!! All yall are here in my apartment in VIRGINIA!!! I’m 6 hours away from yall now, but yall are in my face, my house right now, creating noise in my place!! I loved every single minute of it. The most amazing part was the smile on mans face as I think he was glowing. He kept saying, “you did good! This place is niiiiccceeee…look at this! How did you find this place??” Then I got what every child wants from their parent no matter how old they are: “I’m proud of you. I love you” 🙂 It’s not like he hasn’t said it ever, but it feels even greater after all the negative I went through with the old landlord.. It made everything worth it. The risk of leaving a place after just getting there 9 months before, going broke to move, arguing with my mom lol while she was here..And thankful she helped with moving and bought my couch and my kitchen table. Thankful I took a risk and bought another TV to make the place look nice, the mental and physical fatigue. The 100 miles I drive on a daily basis to and from work. It was all worth it right there. *Moment of silence*

I told my church family, that if I was still at the other place they would not have been invited to my house..matter fact, I would have met them at a gas station or something. Now they know where I am, they can come visit. I welcome visitors from home because all of them make this kid feel less alone, feel loved, exuberant to be doing well finally..It’s like a baby who needs that love, if not, they stop growing. 

My dad “man” only stayed for about 20 minutes, but in my heart they remain forever. Their spirits remain in my house. I pray for their safety as they participate in inauguration ceremonies. I pray for safe travels back home on Tuesday for all my loves and those who I don’t know. It’s my peoples, my family that make it Cool2bChrisP! Happy Reading, I totally adore you..True Story. 


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