I went to the doc yesterday to see about a program that could assist me with my weight loss goals. If ya don’t know this kid fell off the wagon and gained some of my weight back. What I was looking for with this program is a jump start…

I got there yesterday and was thrilled that my Bp was 117/74. If you recall back in the first of October I went to the ER for chest pains. Everything at the ER came clear but my Bp was high! Around 164/90, 156/88, those were my readings while sitting in the ER. Granted I had just had my truck towed off twice and finally fixed a few hours before my visit. My mom was in town. And I was in my old place breathing toxic air. Sooo I’m guessing an accumulation of all of that had me about to stroke out.

So I was excited with my Bp, not so much my weight..during my consultation my muscle mass was estimated to be about 38 lbs. which the doc said was an indicator that at one time I was more athletic..and now I’m choosing not to do so..this news of my muscle mass actually excited me as well as motivated me. Why? I used to work hard last year from jan-July by jogging walking, and had a few times the year before that..But! From 2003-2006 I was a working out kid. Don’t get me wrong, I was still a big girl, but I was swimming, sprinting, kickboxing, racquet ball, tennis, jogging, weight lifting, jumping.. Some I did in Memphis while still in school.. The other more specific weights, lunges, sprinting, came from Brian my old trainer.
After I graduated from Memphis.. I hired a personal trainer and kept him for a year, three times a week. If it weren’t for me having to buy a vehicle I woulda kept him longer. Whenever I work out I imagine him being there with me. He was/is such a cool dude. He had me sprinting on the track lol! I miss those days!!

So guess what???? Those thoughts of past athleticism has motivated me to pick back up! And the fact that the doctor saw my past through my number motivated me as well. I give up when I can’t see the progress.. But apparently it’s all underneath so I must keep up the fight even though I can’t see. I also have to make sure I’m good with my vitamin D. Vitamin D as I learned yesterday can cause some weight gain, fatigue, weakness, dizziness…I’ve had all the above..

I have always envied runners/ know, all those ppl who make that stuff look good and easy!

Anyway, I have decided that right now I’ll create my own system by using myfitnesspal and use the support of a group. I will probably seek out some counseling that insurance can pay for šŸ™‚ right now I don’t see myself coming off over $1k..right now..but we shall see
Happy Reading! Athleticism makes it Cool2bChrisP!


2 thoughts on “Decisions!

  1. Girrrll, I feel the pain on the weight loss and gaining weight. Lost weight and then got pregnant. Gained 40 lbs. After having my precious baby boy I was fat, but still could fit in my jeans. Breastfed for a year and gained more weight and couldnt fit in any of the jeans in my closet. (I thought breastfeeding mommys lost weight with breastfeeding). Anywho, I am large and in charge. Larger than I have ever been. So, this week the family is joining a gym. I am always afraid of high BP and Diabetes(the suga). Good luck to you and keep us posted!

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