My dreams

My dreams have been very active lately. It’s not like I’m not a dreamer. I dream and remember them often. I remember dreams I’ve had when I was a child, reoccurring dreams throughout my teens, college years and recent years. I dream in spanish(and can understand it all). I dream in past tense and unknowingly future tense. I have moments of deja’ vu often. I do believe at times that I’m gifted..I mean, when I lived in TN and for two years before I actually moved, I dreamt of being in a place high in the beautiful mountains. Tn doesn’t have what I was dreaming about, except in Gatlinburg, but I’ve been there and didn’t recognize familiarity in my dreams.. but I have in VA. I haven’t had a mountain themed dream since moving.

I used to have reoccurring dreams of being in a school as a staff member, reoccurring dreams of being on or driving on unknown interstates. Anyhoo this week my dreams have rewinded me back in time to like 2 months ago, when I lived in my first apartment here. Then back to 2.5 years ago when I worked for a company that cultivated dictatorships rather than leadership..My old dictator showed up in my dream..She didnt disturb me as i slept that night but i do remember attempting to avoid her.. And last night my brother showed up.
I don’t know if yesterday when I saw a teacher holding a young day care student in her arms. Im not sure if that affected me or not. i thought it was so precious, but last night I held my brother. He wasn’t a baby, he was how he was when I last saw him. A young 18 years old. I have no idea how I carried him in my arms and walked with him, but I did. I carried him as i walked in my arms like i would a child. It was a sweet moment in time indeed.


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