Yesterday I took a free group fitness class called Piloxing. It’s a mix of boxing spars, dance and Pilates. I have been looking at gyms in the area and will choose according to schedule and budget. I went to this gym called Spa Fit. It’s a small gym compared to like a Golds gym. There was only one other person in the class with me and she was a sister in law of one of the owners. She was very cordial, telling me about her weight loss of 50 pounds and showing me a “before” picture of her.
The class itself was not that hard as far as me being out of breath..what was hard was realizing how out of shape I am. I haven’t exercised since it was hot out..August. I haven’t taken a group fitness class in a couple years. Walking, hiking and some jogging doesn’t test your flexibility and stability as Piloxing does. My balance is ridic!!! After that hour class I was convinced to staying an hour for yoga..so I did. Again..my muscular strength, flexibility has never been this bad. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always been plus sized..but I could at least touch my toes when seated. I can’t do that now!!!
This post will be continued, stay tuned for the rest of my story..my thumb is getting tired (phone post)


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