So as promised a few weeks ago, I am going to let you in on the assumptions that traveled with me when I moved from Nashville to VA. When you come from one spot in America to another spot, you don’t think about anything the dealings of the “something new”. I knew and had it in my forefront that things would change for me…but by golly I didn’t know how much. lol

Assumption #1

Nashville has two  urban radio fm stations. One for R&B, gospel in the mid day and Sundays, Down home blues early Saturday morning and local neo soul on later Sunday evening. The other “urban” station is the ratchet station, the one with the boom boom beat, nothing but hip hop and r&b.

When I moved…I found one station based out of a town 60 miles or more away, sooo basically you can say, the one station I did find wasn’t even clear. STATIC STATIC STATIC! I had found myself pissed off bc I would hear a song I wanted to thump, but if I moved at the red light, it would static or change into an old timey Pappy O’Daniel Flour Hour gospel channel based out of North Carolina. What made it even worse? To travel to work everyday with the static, straining to hear The Tom Joyner Morning show and then the station turning to hymnals. Thank God I moved. No more static and I found another urban station as well. This stuff seems simple, but to me it wasn’t. Why didn’t I just get CD’s and play them in my system?? Bc my cd player is broken. How bout them apples.

Assumption #2

I don’t even know why I even assumed this..but I assumed that I would have a choice of large sized churches. The church of Christ is small and different in these parts. Why did I assume?  Welp based off my experiences. Although it took me about 12 tries in Memphis, I did eventually find an ok church that was pretty decent size back in the day. At home I have a church with all of these programs, people that know me and my fam history, single’s classes and young adult classes. I moved here and the first church I went to everything was casual..I missed the days when I’d leave church with a headache because the message was that intensive and thought provoking. Enough said on that…

Stay tuned as I talk about my other assumptions in another post. Happy Reading..I truly adore you..True Story. Assumptions and Reality make it Cool2bChrisP!


4 thoughts on “Assumptions

  1. I love me some down home blues. LOL! Its so hard leaving what you are used to! My husband and I joined a church when I was pregnant with my sweet baby boy. I cried, cried, and cried when joining. I was happy, but it was different. I was leaving what I was USED too. I grew up in the other church and everybody new my name… Good Luck CoolChrisp

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