BHM on my office door


Soooo my school is out in the mid of Nutbush. I don’t mean it literally as there is a Nutbush, TN but the town where i work is just like Nutbush, meaning it’s small. Welp, this is BHM.. And I noticed there’s not a wall in the school nor a display dedicated to BHM. They had one for the first 6 days but it was replaced by Valentines day stuff, the other walls have VA history and the civil war, the other has snow penguins and the other has the honor roll students. In the glass displays are VA scrapbooks and more Vday celebrations.
I became concerned and asked my principal..she told me during announcements they read a bh fact. I’ve never noticed bc I’m running in the morning checking on the kids.
So to make myself feel better, I created my own display. I have felt warm all day bc the first person the kids notice is BILL COSBY and little Bill 🙂 I heard the kids talking about Bill and then say oooooo Black History Month! Then I heard some identifying of Rosa and MLK. My work was not in vain. I’m feeling proud to bring it to them in constant images. They have learned in their classroom certain ppl, but I want them to know just how important it is to put it on display.
Happy Black History Month all! My ancestors made it Cool2bChrisP!


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