choices and excuses, excuses and choices

A choice is a decision you make when there are more than one possibility. Most of the time, it’s conscious and sometimes not so much. An excuse as a verb, would be an attempt to lessen the blame of a fault; defend or justify, according to Some choices I have made have been to sit down when I should make a choice to be more active. My excuses has varied, but the only person my excuses are hurting is me….I get it.
It’s all about what’s more important to me at the time, relaxing or getting healthy? Another choice I have made in recent history was to date a lot and it has all worn me out; however I now have a better understanding of what I do and don’t like and I’m not afraid to say it.

No here comes the choices and excuses from other people that I have chosen to excuse…I sometimes will ask a question, just to see what happens..or just to see what one would say back to me. For instance, I ask a guy to the movies or to swing by..he doesn’t live too far away. What Do I get? Multiple excuses for everything, all of the excuses seem legit especially him being ill, because I know he has been…but say a while later after bookoos of unanswered txts.. I send a text to finally get a response. Heyyy hellooo, only to find outhe, although you have been a friend in waiting on this guy, this guy tells you he has traveled 8 hours away to another state with his friends for an event.

Will there be an excuse or a choice? A while back, I had the same with another fellow. His excuses were, I’m busy, my family, work stuff or complete silence (ignoring). Now hindsight is 20/20 and you live and you learn right? Right? hahaha there were other times, many excuses, same story just different players.
As a woman rather than listening to my intuition, I made a choice to excuse the behaviors. Now why in the world would I make excuses for their chosen behavior?? Lonely I guess, naive, because I’m a justifier maybe. Or could be all of the above.

Truth is, this week has been a real one for me personally, matter of fact I have been in my thoughts and feelings for the past month. You can tell it in my lack of housekeeping and lack of activity. But this week brought it home to me about the choices and excuses I have made for myself and those excuses I have accepted from other people without a challenge. Why this week? Because i was reminded how life events can tirn your world upside down and all of the sudden the things you used to take from yourself and other ppl have wasted sweet God given time! Of course everyone has the right to ‘make excuses. This time around, don’t include me in it. Things just got real..

Ladies and gents, I hope your Valentine’s day was great, because mine was. And if your dude or gal was a cast away before Vday and didn’t get you anything, but then resurfaces sometime this weekend or next week..make good choice for a healthier you. I made a choice to not take anymore excuses..and I got text about someone wanting to give me flowers. We shall see if that happens or not. It would be my first ever if it does happen.

On another note, I have made a choice to look for a second job to get this money and I have also made a choice to go on a cruise and be on a Florida beach in a couple of months. I look forward to being away, to feel the warmth of the beach and sun. I still need the Vitamin D in my system. And I’m sure we’ll have a blast!!.

Happy Reading folks! I truly adore you..true Story! The choice to be around, the choice to be healthy and the choice to make time for something worth your time, energy, makes it Cool2bChrisP!


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