If I could do it over.

If I knew back in my college days, what I know now, I would be making bank right now. When I was in college and thinking back with my 30 year old brain, I would have been more diligent as a student. So what I would have done, was majored in social work rather than psychology. I found that social work majors make more money. I do the same work as a social worker, but on paper I am not a social worker. I would have even gotten my masters in social work and went to the school of social work, rather than Trevecca in counseling. Anyway back to my college days.. I would have gone to a trade school at the same time as undergrad and picked up some medical health allied certification and worked the medical job while in undergrad. Then saved my money for a savings account and been diligent, with a certain goal in mind..By the age of 30, the kid could have had at least 10,000 saved up. I mean, if I knew at 18-22 years old what I should have been doing rather than being overwhelmed by Chemistry class and when was the next gospel choir concert/event…oh wells.


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