On the 12th month for Cool Chris…

Hahaha, Today makes a whole Year since I moved my tail from Nashville, Tn to the most beautiful SouthWest Virginia. I remember it..Picture this, Blacksburg, VA mid day, the weather was extremely cold for my blood, with gusty wind and snow flurries throughout much of the day. I had both my parents with me. I think we headed out of Nashville around 4 or 4:30am. And got up this way around 10am.

*Rewind* The day before I had two of my good guy friends help me clean out my storage space and load up the Uhaul while my pops was at work. I didn’t want him doing both, unloading the Uhaul from my storage and unloading the Uhaul at my new place…so I told him I’d handle getting the Uhaul truck while he was at work and getting my furniture and other stuff out of storage. Shout out to my Rah Digga, Royce and St.Louis for helping out last year. They even helped me break into my storage. I had long ago lost the key to the door, so I took it upon myself to buy a lock breaker thing….I was quickly told by the manager at the storage place was that it was ILLEGAL. I was supposed to call a locksmith…BUT tell me whoooo was going to call a locksmith for a padlock just so he could charge me $50 plus??! I don’t think so. At that moment, I had my mind set that I wasn’t spending no mo’ money on unnecessaries! I think I put on the puppy dog eyes to the manager bc she allowed us to break my lock with the lock breaker thing, with her as a witness. And a, “I didn’t see anything” attitude…Yesssaahhhhh!

I also had to rent a rug doctor to clean my mattress. When I moved out of my apartment, well when my mom and two other friends, shout out to Boopie and Stephan, moved me out of my Antioch apartment, I was in my saturday class. When I got out of class all my stuff was moved out except my clothes a year and some prior to this move to VA. My mom suggested at that time, for them to toss my mattress good mattress bc it would not fit in my storage. My mattress was only 3 years old and my pops had bought it.. So being the bright young men Stephan and Boopie are, they called Man and told him they didn’t want to toss the mattress and instead they dropped it off over to my dad’s garage where he stored it there, wrapped in plastic. Thank God, who really can afford to just up and buy a mattress?? So long story short, I cleaned the thing with a rug doctor, let it dry, wrapped it in a mattress protector, then boarded it on the Uhaul the next day. Whewwwwww…Lots of work was done.

My pops drove the Uhaul and I tagged closely behind him, or beside or a little in front the whole way. My mom slept on the passenger’s side much of the trip up the interstate. When we got to my apartment and unloaded, we cleaned and cleaned (should’ve known something was up then). My mom bleached the bathroom with scolding hot water. My pops and I cleaned the kitchen cabinets out and such. I also found out the place didn’t have enough storage space for all my items. Whatever I had in storage was from my old apartment. Some of the stuff I had packed up would have to go in the trash or go back to my pops house. I didn’t realize until then that this place lacked closet space. I hit the jackpot with my apartment back in Antioch. I had closets for days and even one out on the balcony. I miss you DOVER GLEN!

Anywhoo. I remember after my parents left to go back home to Nashville and I was by myself for the first time…I sat and thought for a minute..Awwww Imma miss them…. but then thought…

Let’s get it! I’m finna go shopping! Of course I had to shop on a budget, my job started on March 1st and the kid wasn’t paid til March 31st.

I’m reflecting back and nope I am not in that apartment anymore. Oh ratchet landlord. I had the absolute worse allergies from the end of August to the end of Sept in that place.

So reflecting back on my time here so far. LOL, the assumption that I was country because I’m from Tennessee, then realizing that I am definitely not country country. These folks are more country than I am.. Things like seeing the cows and other animals come close to the back of my school where I work amazes me, but empty land makes me think of potential strip malls.. I assumed that there would be a HAIR STORE…BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE…HAIR WORLD? HOLLYWOOD HAIR? somewhere close by..but I found I had to drive 40 miles to Roanoke to pick up stuff I needed like wigs, and other hair supplies. Where I’m from there are hair stores basically on every corner..but that’s Antioch for ya 🙂

I have seen various sceneries of snow dusted mountains, cold waterfalls, smiles of nice locals…felt fresh air breezes and had a moment of near death during my first hiking trip, but was overwhelmed with excitement after it was over and screamed, I MADE IT! Also felt hugs from children, had some awkward moments, like the confederate flag during a home visit lol. Felt some loneliness, pain, sadness, joy, oddball-ness, accomplishment, enlightenment, and worry…I’ve heard calm water streams, kids laughter, co worker’s jokes and encouragement, heard Dougie Fresh rap at the street festival And of course have heard crowd roars from Virginia Tech games.

I do not regret ever taking this leap of faith to get to where I am right now. I sometimes question myself, like fooo..you drive how much? But I feel I am where I am supposed to be. Yes, I miss Nashville shopping, I love my Charming Charlie’s and I rack up when I go home. I miss the cheesecake factory being within driving distance, J. Alexander’s, Miaggiano’s, my church family and friends. My pops, aka Man being somewhere near…my mom sometimes, but that comes with the territory. Right?

Well Happy Reading, I truly adore you…True Story! Today’s one year anniversary makes it Cool2bChrisP!


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