The best two weekends baby!

I have had a great two weekends in a long time. Maybe since being at home or when I first moved here. Last weekend a buddy I went to college in Memphis with came up for a job interview not too far from where I live. I was excited to see her in Roanoke, she was a sight for sore eyes. I haven’t seen this lady in over 9 years, but we have kept in sporadic contact through facebook for the past two years maybe. Anyway, so she came from Memphis, then South Carolina and up to Roanoke in one weekend going to job interviews. I took her to this seafood joint called Harbor house Inn? I think that’s what it’s called, the locals call it the fish house. It was my second time going. The week before my church members took me out there and it’s a great place to eat. Anyway, so I took her and her sister out there and that was the start of a long day. After eating I took them out to the “Star” which is this place in the mountains that overlooks the whole city of Roanoke. By the time we got up there it was already dark, so they could not see the mountains, but the city lights were shining so brightly for them. And they enjoyed themselves fully. Soooo after eating and sight seeing, a trip to the tattoo shop was in order! I am not sure how, but my friend’s sister met this guy when they came into town at the gas station and started a conversation with him about his piercings. The place he recommended was Skin Thrills or Skin Trills not too far away from their hotel.  After showing them my place and going back to the hotel for a breather, we headed out to Skin Trills. It is a nice tattoo shop and instead of one person getting a piercing and leaving. My friend and her sister got tatted behind their ear and the sister got her piercing. I was like…for real? Both yall have come to my hood and got tatted?! Unbelievable…

Their tats look really good if I must say so myself, as I gave my buddy the idea and concept of her tat. She had no clue what she wanted until I told her to get an open heart. The tat artist drew up exactly what I was thinking. Then I told her the open heart means that you have opened up your heart for a new journey or for new possibilities. hehehe *pop my collar*

Then this past weekend, I was invited over to a friends house for soup. I told him I was extremely cold and for some reason this cold weather has been getting to me. He told me it maybe because I am getting old lol, but seriously like I feel this weather is cutting off my own body’s heating system. It could be the wind here that I am not used to…It’s so cold in these mountains and a potential for a huge snow storm coming up…anyway off my cold tangent. So what a coinky dink as I am complaining about me being cold, he was fixing a pot of broccoli and cheddar soup and invited me over 🙂 Mr. Susy homemaker he is hehe because his soup was fabulous!! Warmed up my toes, my fingers, but my nose was still cold for a long time. Weird. My nose goes from cold to happy medium…ahaha I get it from my mama. 

Anyway, so I hung out with him for a while and his roommate who is his cousin. At first it was a little awkward with the cousin because he was trying to “fill me out”. Maybe not even 5 minutes when he came home from work, his cousin was like “Chris nice to meet you, wasn’t sure if I’d ever get to meet you since you are scared to come over while I’m here”…bwahaha. What? Me not coming over wasn’t my fault…

Anyway so it was hours of cousin trying to read me and me listening to boy stories, family stories, girl stories, me being questioned for more readings and massive stupidity. We’ll see how this thing goes right? ahaha

But hey I’m looking forward to more great weekends, just so I can keep it being Cool2bChrisP! 

Happy Reading, I totally adore you…true story!


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