It feels so good to be back.

It feels so good to be back being myself again. The sweet and feisty boo that I am lol. I have had really good weeks recently and it has made up for the really bad ones. Like the weekend that boy invited me to the movies, but when I got to the movies he had already bought HIS ticket and waited on me to buy my own ticket. My facebook friends know about this one. This guy I have been talking to on and off, a guy I decided to give a chance…I was good and in my house when he texted me. I had just went grocery shopping, was warm and toasty while watching Tyler Perry’s “Madea gets a job” play, when I got his text message. The text message was asking me to the movies. And Just to do something different and give this dude a chance, I swiftly got myself ready and flew to the movies to meet him. Mind you, I was calm, WARM and content in my house watching my own movie. It was about 18 degrees outside, WIND was blowing very fierce like, he texted me like 40 mins before showtime and my gas tank was on E. I walk up to the door where he stood with his TALL _ _ _ _ _ self..he says, I already bought my ticket. So I asked…does this mean I need to buy mine?? My heart started beating out of my chest!!!!!!!!! I was furious, but I didn’t say nothing and by the grace of GOD I could not find my wallet. In the mist of rushing to get there, I could not find it anywhere in my purse. So i told him and he ended up paying for me anyway. I was so totally turned off and if it weren’t for the trouble I put into getting ready and the hopes of me seeing eye candy at the movie, I would have left him right there. I should have twisted up his glasses and chopped him in the throat one good time, stomped myself off to my warm truck, head to the gas station, and back home where Tyler Perry was waiting for me. *Disclaimer* If I know about your money situation, if we were really dating, this would not have been a problem for me to pay my way or both our ways…BUT this negro asked me and he’s a magistrate.

Anyway, so this negro had the audacity to text me yesterday. He tried to put me in a trick bag and I gave him silence as a response. ahahaha. #AINTnobodyGotTIMEforTHAT! šŸ™‚

Anyhoo, I’m back and it feels good..I’ve gotten back to my fitness. This is week 3 and I’m almost 10 pounds down so far. WOO. hard work indeed.

Gotta go, my rambling is over.


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