Interstate blues this week


I got caught in a small blizzard on Thursday morning while on the way to work. It freaked me out for ten miles. I’ve driven in snow before but I was on my way home… This time I was halfway to work driving about 65-70 miles per hour. The wind started gusting and the snow was falling like rain. I got so mad bc I thought maybe I missed the memo and we are out of school today. I looked down at my phone and saw no schools were closed. The more I drove the worse it got! I had to slow it down to 40 after I felt like I was losing traction. And I saw a few ppl slide right off the interstate. I thought to turn around and go back home. But I kept driving and praying..then about less than a mile from my exit the snow lifted and all was calm. It was like Wowzers.. I was temporarily stuck in a snow globe!
That was Thursdays edition of interstate blues.


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