Sail away

So I have been on this huge Carnival cruise since 12p and we don’t leave the dock til 6-6:30p. I’m on a cruise for two days with my pops lol! And even though it’s nice to be on vacation and on the beach, it’s not nice to not be w my girls or my boo. *rolls eyes* I’ll have to plan a trip sans the patriarch so I can get loose like Bruce Bruce!
If you don’t know already, my parents separated in 2008 and then finalized their divorced in 2011. And on a whelm by pop decided to do something different and bought a trip to florida and a cruise w a companion ticket. I didn’t think anything of it bk then bc I thought my uncle( my dads twin) was going, but he couldn’t. So my pop was in jeopardy of losing the trip this year if he didn’t take it soon. So who had vaca time? Me… I’m not an ingrate. I’m just saying lol! Bon voyage, see ya when I get back on FLoridas shore


2 thoughts on “Sail away

  1. Enjoy that cruise with your daddy. These are memories you will cherish forever. But, I understand you want to be with the boo next time and I am cracking up at the rolling eyes! lol!

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