Now it’s about time…

Heading out of the beautiful sunny Florida in the AM. I am looking forward to being home safely and off all types of transportation which includes flights and vehicles. I am so incredibly tired. I have been in vehicles, 2 shuttle buses, a ship, transfer planes and have been up and down Interstate 95, 595, US 1 and A1A in South Florida. I have probably driven about 200 miles since being down here. I thought I would take a vacation from driving the interstate buttttt guess again.

We head out to the airport early morning. I am supposed to be back in Nashville by 11:30 tomorrow morning….I have to make the decision to either drive the 6 hours back to Virginia tomorrow evening or early Monday morning. I have to be back at work on Tuesday AM. Thinking about the drive back home from Nashville is causing me angst. I just wanna be there already. Makes me wish I shoulda gotten a flight straight to VA..but I couldn’t because I went on the flight as a companion. If one person is not with the other to fly out, no one gets the discount on the flight.

Anyway, Florida has me thinking…and I doooo mean thinking. All this sun and warmth is good for the soul. The colors, the beach, the different cultures, the night life, the amount of single people per capita…Emm..I know people who live in Jacksonville and Miami. Making a transition wouldn’t be as challenging because I’d know people.  By the way, We could not get together with the people we know in Miami because they went to Europe this week. Hate I did not get to see their new place, but I’m thinking I’ll be back soon.

I’m just thinking. No harm in that right? My body loves the Vitamin D I can tell you that. After all that snow this season, it was a nice change of atmosphere to be in the sun, swimming in the salt water. I am coming back to cold, windy and rainy weather in TN and VA, but I will be creamy black! The sun today was fierce, given me a nice tan baby.. just the way I likes it.

I would like to thank my pops for taking me on vacation, although there was no clubbing, or time for prowling to snag an eligible bachelor. And my pops had 10,000 questions for everything. I still appreciate the time away.

I will also return home with a Hispanic Bahamian woman accent in my inner thoughts. Hoy, I hope ya ton’t mind mi accenta… hehehe

Anyway pray for safe travels to my destinations. One Love, and Warm it up Chris!!! R.I.P. Chris Kelly from the group Kris Kross.

It’s Cool2bChrisP coming atcha darker than I was before.


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