True Story…after dark

So here’s the true story………….Ok, I had fun being away in Florida a couple of weeks ago and the few minutes I had in the Bahamas. BUT I left feeling as though I did not do enough “vacationing”. Yes, I swam and hung out at the beach, walked the broadwalk on Hollywood beach, drove to Miami, West Palm Beach and Pampano Beach. Yes I traveled the blue ocean to Freeport Bahamas as well. I’d never been to the Bahamas, first time. I’d never been on a cruise..first time. I’d never been to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Pampano, nor Miami, first time. Last time I was in Florida was in Orlando in 1995, when my family and I went to Disney World..and that was a TRIP. literally and figuratively. 

So anyway, I felt like I did not get to relax for one, and two I feel like I did not get to explore everything I wanted to explore; although I put over 250 miles on that rental car. 

Cool Chris, what are you saying?? Cool Chris is saying that she wants to go back and do stuff. I want to go to the clubs, go tour, eat some seafood, eat some ethnic Cuban, Jamaican, Hispanic food at some banging restaurants!!! I want to hear some live music, stare at the MEN….Allllllll  of them yes indeed.*moment of silence*  I also want to go stare at these HOT A___ luxury cars I saw rolling down the boulevard!! My mouth is watering right now at the thought of going back and witnessing all of that LIVELINESS!! So what did you do down in Florida and the Bahamas Cool CHRIS??

Who me? Well when I got on the ship, which was EXTRA early about 12 something pm. The ship didn’t leave til like 7pm. They plopped us down in the dining hall to eat and the kid was still full from breakfast so I didn’t eat. This being my first cruise, my mind was racing and not relaxed as I did just drive like 30 something miles to get there, I was worried about motion sickness and then watching people eat while looking at my daddy in the face, I felt the irritation coming on. PLUS I was stricken by nature at the same time which had me tired and irritated. All I wanted to do on the cruise ship was get lost and GET WASTED!  Calm your nerves, I told you the topic is “True Story….after dark”!  So this is my story and I’m sticking to it. Then all I see on the D*** boat are majority couples!!! There were a few people with their friends, some with their parents, both mom and dad or daughter mom. There was one older lady who was with her dad who was in a wheel chair. My pops looks young so GUESS WHAT? People automatically assume he’s my dude. Which annoys me during picture taking time. I believe my pops was in la h lah land from all of this. He was just happy being somewhere different. I believe he walked up and down and all around that old A___ cruise ship. I have believed for a few years that my pop has adult ADHD.  With that being said, HE WOKE UP EVERYDAY around 6-6:30………hold on to your seats. WHO IN THE…wants to wake up that early in the morning while they are on vacation?? The thing about this was, on the ship we were in terribly close quarters so no peace was had for me. If he wasn’t up early he played the game of let’s ask my baby girl 10,000 questions today. LOL! MInd you the kid was hit by mother nature so my annoyed levels were beyond normal. Needless to say I did get me a few drinks and I did get lost a couple of times, so that I could work on my buzz uninterrupted. Oh calm down, it doesn’t take me long to get a buzz, I’m a light weight and hardly ever drink. This cruise/trip was the exception to my “I don’t drink that much” rule. 

Stay tuned for the rest of True Story….after dark


2 thoughts on “True Story…after dark

  1. LMAO! You need to publish that story. Cant parents ask some questions?!!!!!!!! But sounds like you had fun. But I get you want to go back and have some different kind of fun.

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