Umm so I’m currently dealing w a bit of immaturity from my friend and his cousin. My friend wanted me to come visit him but he never asked me to come over..his cousin did. I kept getting text messages from both of them! First, why did this boy ever give his cousin my number in the first place?! The foo is 32 years old and it appears as though he relies on his 28 yo #teamDoingTooMuch cousin to speak for him. At what age did we stop using messengers to get our point across??! Like for reals..his cousin and he almost caused me to toss my phone out tha screen door and stop talking to him for infinity and beyond.
My personal life is sucking eggs right now and dealing with #TeamFruitLoopTroop reminded me of that. Why he even wait so late to text me and be petty? Say what you have to say then get off my phone…
I’ve been thinking..I made a great career decision When I moved to this area…but I’m not so sure about how great it was personally. The jury is still out on that one. I have lost more than I’ve gained in the men situations..perhaps..glad for an off day tomorrow..


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