The month of May…

We are wrapping up the month of May and let me tell you in just Plain bluntness and I’ll ask for Forgiveness later. But May has been a rough ASS month. It started out in “paradise” as I was in Florida and the Bahamas. The Sunday we returned from the trip, I could not sleep that night nor when I returned home to Virginia was I able to sleep on that Monday night because of my dreams. My dreams were horrible dreams of blood and gore with a “death” theme. I got back to work on Tuesday to only be hit with the news of the death of a 6 year old student at my school. The student was in the same classroom as my other students. It was a tragic event to deal with his death and on top of my dreams I had and my tiredness from traveling. My nerves were shot and all of this had my emotions escalated. I went to bed every night at between 7-8pm, slept all night and woke up tired still. On top of being worried about a friend of mine…

Then I had to make the hard decision to not return to my school next year. At first, I was excited about not being on the road everyday traveling 100 miles to and from work. But then reality set in that I will miss my students at the school. I have been there with them since March 2012. We just started getting into a groove of things. It is fun watching them grow and mature. So I had my cry (hours) one day bc I will miss them. All of them..But I know the school I am transitioning to, which is about 20 miles closer to home, will come with its own babies with issues that I can tend to. 

And lastly….I just found out that my kiddo that I had about 6 years ago passed away on Sunday at the age of 22. He was my favorite kid. The only kid I would invite on facebook to view my personal biz. My J Bo. He had a special place in my heart bc he went from not really liking me and the situation of how we met, to us being each other’s biggest fans in life. He served time in Afghanistan doing two tours, has two beautiful children in which he loved and adored. When he returned back to TN he was hired as a firefighter and recently passed all of his clinical tests to become an EMT. I attempted to call his granny this evening, but she will have to talk to me at a later time. I think I will be making a trip home in the middle of June to go see about her and the babies. I did not know about his passing until a couple of hours ago and missed the funeral on today. I am not sure since I am so far away now, if I would have been able to attend. But I will carry him in my heart always! He had a great smile and personality. When I would make periodic visits with the family from Nashville to Centerville, I would play with his kids and catch up. His friends would come to the home while I was there and tell me how much J Bo had changed when he was in my services. He graduated from High School, got his head right and I can count on my fingers how many times his close friends told me that they were jealous of how he changed from negative to positive. If he could hear me right now. I would tell him I am so FREAKIN proud of the obstacles you overcame! I would say, when I first met you, you had long “hat” hair that hid your beautiful eyes, and I was so happy when you finally got rid of that hair and the “hair flip” lol. I would say, I loved holding and playing with your children, they look so happy with you. He never made excuses, he was honest and focused on his GOALS unlike many grown people who can’t get right for nothing! I still have a poem of his in my possession that he wrote 6 years ago.  Lastly, although people say I and the group that worked with me to support you, changed your life. YOU J Bo changed my life and made me a better counselor and I love you. 

J Bo talked about me so much to his friends that it made it really Cool2bChrisP! 


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