Thrift store find


I went out on a date to several thrift stores near where I live and in Blacksburg/Christiansburg on Saturday. My date found some good stuff as did I. The stuff I found was for the kids at school mainly. I ran across the organ pictured here at the salvation army. No I didn’t buy it, but when I looked at it, I was automatically sent back to the ages between 4-11 years old. My grandmother used to have an organ in her den that me, my brother and cousin used to play with just to make noise and touch on. Hers was a lot bigger but similar to this one. Even though we played on it the sound of the organ freaked me out sometimes bc it always sounded like “death” or a funeral. As a kid that’s just how I felt but at the same time I loved it sitting there as a fixture in her den. I have no idea where that organ went after she passed away but seeing this on Saturday sent me waaaayyy back..back when everybody was still here. My brother, grandparents, some cousins..hmmm


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