This week’s goings on in HOMETOWN NASHVILLE TENNESSEE!


A lot happened over the week in my hometown of Nashville, TN. First off there were a lot of celebrity sightings at the Annual CMA Fan Fair. It’s mainly focused on country music; but you can find a someone that is a somebody downtown! Whether you are on the street, at the concerts, in the downtown restaurants or wherever!
My pop called talking about Lenny Kravitz and Nelly were on tv giving interviews, but that barely scratches the surface of the people involved in making Fan Fair great. *SCREAMS* these are the moments I wish I owned a helicopter to get home for the week/weekend. The opening of the Johnny Cash museum is in full affect! THE GRAND OPENING of the Nashville Convention Center has been going on this week. The best thing about this Convention Center is that it is GRAND in stature. I have not been on the inside of the center, my mom drove me passed it when I was last at home. It has been in the makings for years now and it is finally open. THe glass all around and The roof has a shape of a guitar on top! Incredibly structured in the heart of the the 615!

Then the grand opening of the H&M store in Opry Mills had people lined up for miles to get in at the mall. It opened a couple of days ago. I am so FREAKIN Jealous right now!!!!

I am so proud of my hometown that it’s not even funny. I am jealous because all of this activity is representing a connection and giving me LIFE! If there’s no life in the city, the city will die. I will do my best for the city of Roanoke, but honey…I have my work cut out for me… COOL2BCHRIS P OWT

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