My beef with bidness!

Here in Roanoke, there’s a huge problem with people owning businesses that do not have websites or facebook pages. How in the world am I supposed to know what you look like and how your business operates. I’m really just ticked that I don’t know where to get my hair done as a Natural girl. I would have to look up like OLD SCHOOL the phone numbers and ask these salons on google or the yellow pages do you style natural hair. What I need is a Naturalist. Someone who is knowledgeable about the needs of the different types of natural hair. 

Then I watched a story on the news about this place in Roanoke county that sells Men’s Clothing. The owner reported that his business has been lacking because no one gets dressed up for church anymore…..SOOOOO I was like, yeah you are right! The owner is in the process of going out of business but is looking for someone to buy the company from him in order to stay in business. I went down to his establishment to see what sizes they have because my dad is a tall man and always has problems finding suits that fit. I get there to find out they are not going out of business, what they are doing is trying to get a buyer. My beef was that the news said they were closing their doors which is not true. My other beef is I have passed by this store many times on the way to the mall. I thought it was already closed down due to the way it looks on the outside. You can say, it looks not taken care and not the greatest location. The inside is even worse. These people have holes in the ceiling and big trash cans in the middle of the floor to catch the water from the leaky ceiling. Umm…so the fact that people don’t “dress up anymore” may NOT be all of your problem. l mean first off, I have not seen any ads via paper, radio or TV. I have not seen a website or facebook to get the word out about what you have inside this old box of a store. Secondly, AESTHETICS is everything when running a business now days. Back in the day you could get away with having a hole in the wall  men’s clothing store, but now a days to get a “dapper man” to go inside a store to buy a wardrobe, you have to present a “dapper” store. Ya dig??


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