Shelton’s Vineyard

I had a busy Saturday. I needed it after the weeks I’ve had a work. I was invited by a couple of friends to Dobson, North Carolina to have lunch at Shelton Vineyards and have a wine tasting. It was the most incredible afternoon and day yesterday to do that type of activity. The best part was that I was with friends and that I did NOT have to drive. I get so tired of interstate driving because that’s all I do Monday-Friday. I have rushed all week long down Interstate 81 praying that I don’t get caught up with the state police. To compare a TN state trooper to a VA state police..ummahh I think I’d rather get ticketed by a TN state trooper. I heard these VA mofo’s are incredibly stupid with the fees. The other thing is these state police hang out on local roads as well. It is very RARE to see a state trooper hanging out on a local road. Their duty belongs on the interstates. ANYHOO, off that ramble. 

At the Vineyard, I ate Fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese, a slaw concoction ( I don’t even like slaw nor pimento cheese, but it was AWESOME) and it had some type of apple butter tasting concoction as well. VERY GOOD! The second thing I had was a sirlion steak, ricotta cheese and spinash and for dessert I had something called “Devil’s Triangle” It had a chocolate Hershey cake that was not milk chocolate but dark choc w chocolate ganash (sp?), whipped cream and cinnamon ice cream. Out of all of that goodness. The fried green tomatoes got me in love! My mom comes for a visit in a couple of weeks and I want to take her there 🙂 

Then there was a wine tasting for $5. You taste five different wines and at the end you keep the glass. I accidently left my glass over my friends house last night 😦 he said nothing about it hahaha. Imma get my glass back, believe me! 

Here are some pictures. Enjoy! 


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