27 Dresses and Cloud Atlas movie review

I have the movie 27 dresses in my DVD collection, but have never watched the movie in its entirety since I bought it like 4 years ago. My friend on our third gathering decided to watch this chick flick with me……….The verdict on this movie?? This movie SUCKS! the first part of the movie reminds me of the “Wedding Planner” movie with Jennifer Lopez and even has the same side kick as that movie. I give my friend KUDOS for even sitting there through the whole thing as it was TERRIBLE and very predictable. I don’t think any other fellow would have made it through, but he did. He also kept looking at me throughout the whole movie. That let me know he was struggling LOL, but he kept pushing through. 

I made it up to him a few weekends after which was last Saturday by watching “Cloud Atlas”. We rented both that movie and “the Avengers”. I did not get to see “Avengers” because “Cloud Atlas” appeared to be about 2.5 hours long. Ok, the review on C.A. was that it confused me. Tom Hanks had many characters in the movie, some heroic, some sweet and two characters that were evil. Halle Berry had several characters as well. The other players in the movie had characters that resided as different people over a 500 year time span. The basic theme of the movie was that we all have decisions to make that are pre destined before our time and the decisions we make affect our lives even after we are gone. AFter I read the movie box, I understood the movie, but going through it all, I was like …emm o.0. It was just the type of movie my friend enjoys. Deep thoughts, mystery and suspense wrapped up into a love story. 

I wish I could give you another movie review, but by the time that movie was over, then us watching the supermoon, I couldn’t go for another 2 hours. This girl had to get home 🙂

Next time I will have a movie review for ya. Hopefully we can find a happy medium with these movies. One that will stimulate his mind and stimulate my emotions. 

Movie nights, make it Cool2bChrisP!


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