K.I.S.S. 10 tips for Singles in the 21st Century!

Of course K.I.S.S. stands for  ” Keep it simple sista” And welcome sistahs and the occasional brother to my 10 tips for singles in the 21st Century. Let’s face it, we all know that we are NOT dating in the age of our parents. Gone or the simple days of taking our time. But I want to encourage everybody reading this, that it is ALLL about in “due” TIME. 

Ok, are you ready?

10. ALWAYS ask if your date is single. And break it down what single is for the ones who wanna play dumb and are single while they are with you! I have been stung before on this one. I assumed and never asked.

9. First dates may always be awkward, but don’t plan on a first date to be at the movies. Be creative and plan a date where conversation and not silence is welcomed. 

8. Never EVER have date one or if he/she is lucky for a date two over your HOUSE! NO, don’t do it. (unless you’ve known each other from childhood)

7. Listen for cues. If you get a strange suspicion that a guy/girl is telling you all these wonderful things about themselves, but you have this intuition that gives you another vibe. Listen to it. (this coincides with the next one)

6. ALWAYS google your date!! for example, I slipped up and went out with a sex offender last year. I was feeling like my #7 says. When he said he went to PENN state for college. I was like…you don’t look Penn state material. Only to GOOGLE him to find out, yeah he went to Penn state alright… THE Penitentiary!

 5. Keep it Simple Sistah! If your date is fortunate to go past 3-4 dates and you enjoy each other’s company. It’s just that! ENJOY! Don’t get deep though, just enjoy the time and attention for now. 

4. Watch and observe how your date treats his family, babies, animals, his finances and where his morals are.

3.  Figure out his future plans. If you’re ready for a husband and some kids and he just bought a 2 door coupe and it’s his only car…and he talks about racing people down the interstate. You know you are NOT on the same page.

2. Don’t let anyone rush you into anything!!! And you don’t rush either. Whether that’s intimacy, asking for money, to borrow your car…You’ll thank me for this later. 

1. Pray about your mate and don’t Push


*Honorable mentions* If a guy decides to be in your life.  You can make the decision to let him stay, BUT if he has shown you that he wants to come in and out, in and out of your life. You and he have a decision to make. Either you like the revolving door or you don’t. If you’re IN you stay IN and if you’re OUT you stay OUT. Like my folks used to say when we were kids and we’d run in and out of the house while playing.  “Stop letting my air out, running in and OUT this HOUSE! You will NOT run my electricity bill sky high!” lol 

I’m single and 30 years old. Some of my readers maybe older or younger. True Love will wait on you. You just be patient. K.I.S.S. keeps it Cool2BChrisP! later gators! 


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